Increased Sales
Results after taking over this Etsy shop's management.
Blog Features
Blog feature results for one of my Etsy shop's as a result of targeted maketing.
Etsy Front Page Feature
One of my many Etsy shop client's who's items appeared in Etsy homepage search after SEO their shop!
Etsy Shop's In the PRESS
One of my Etsy shop's jewelry pieces being featured in Today's Parent Magazine
One of many Etsy shop clients whose item views and sales increased dramatically after SEO their shop for them.
Etsy SEO Increases
The results in only 2 weeks of SEO this shop's listings!
Etsy Shop Collaborations
Results of targeted marketing - a collaboration between 2 Etsy shop's resulted in increased sales for both shops!
Press Pitch Results
One of many media features (Today's Parent Magazine )for my Etsy shop as a result of Press Pitching
Television Features
Results of marketing an Etsy shop's jewelry line was this Etsy shop's being featured on Cityline Television. (June 2013)
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