I have hired Melissa for several contracts, all related to my Etsy shop. Melissa's work ethic and style are superb. She is up to date with current trends, and really knows the ins and outs of marketing and social media. I will definitely hire her again for future work:)

Melissa worked on changing tags and titles to improve my Etsy listings and optimize the SEO. Melissa was very responsive and easy to communicate with. She was happy to answer the questions I had regarding her choice of tags for my listings. Her communication was always clear and answered the questions. Can't wait to see the searches bloom with our new tags and titles!

Great work! Will implement this marketing plan in near future!

Melissa did a professional job for us. Extremely happy with her services and will definitely recommend it to anyone! Thank you! 

Melissa has been a huge help with my Etsy page and all communication was prompt and clear. I appreciate her expertise, professionalism and friendly demeanor. I look forward to working with her again!

Melissa was a pleasure to work with. Completed the task on time with easy and quick communication. Will definitely work with Melissa on future tasks.

Melissa brought a fresh perspective to our Etsy SEO. I'm looking forward to results once Etsy's algorithm syncs with these changes in the next month or so here.

Melissa worked fast, replied promptly, did exactly what was needed and was able to help me and give advice when requested. Much recommended.

Great in communication. Job is done very fast. Will definitely work again!

Melissa is a very good specialist, she knows what she is doing. Everything went smooth and without any complications. I will hire her again for sure!!!

Melissa talked with us several times and gave us an understanding of how Etsy works and completely revamped our keywords, tags, sections and descriptions so that they all work together to give us higher page rankings. We're already starting to see better results and sales!

Working with Melissa was a pure pleasure. She responds quickly, she's very competent, but most important for us, we see the results of her work. Visits to our shop and listing views have increased considerably. We will definitely continue working with Melissa. Thank you so much! 

Melissa was great in comunication The work was completed in time. All needed listings were adjusted. Hope it will help me to see the raise in sales :)

Merlissa is an absolute gem to work with. She is extremely skilled, fast, reliable and an excellent communicator who goes above and beyond for her clients. Highly recommend.

Melissa did a very good job describing the listings and choosing SEO's. I enjoyed working with her. Her communication was very good, she met all deadlines, and her skills were very good. she answered all questions that I raised and answered quickly and in details. She also gave me an overview of an etsy shop that can serve me in the future. I am sure I will hire Melissa in the future for jobs concerning my etsy shop.

Melissa is a very responsible and high-level specialist! The communication was great. She always sends very quick and clear messages. It was a pleasure to work with her and I´ll contract her again to work on my Instagram marketing. Thank you a lot!

Melissa was great to work with! Very responsive and knowledgeable.

Melissa was very patient with us considering we are new to Etsy. She set up our shop from scratch and understood immediately what we wanted. Would work with her again in future related projects without any doubt. Thank you!

Great Job! She works very professional. Give me also a BONUS very useful.

I have been working with Melissa for just over a month now. I was looking for someone to help me optimize my SEO as I am trying to bring my business to the next level. Upon completion of the SEO project, Melissa has begun helping me with my social media. I have enjoy working with her very much. I have many questions and she is always patient with me and answers them with great detail. I look forward to continuing our relationship and having her help me grow my business! I would highly recommend working with her.

Melissa delivered good work on setting up my etsy shop with descriptions and SEO. Her communication was straight forward, she met all deadlines, and her skills are strong. At one point I asked for an additional milestone and she was very happy to deliver it. I enjoyed working with Melissa and will likely hire her in the future. Really recommend!!!

Melissa is a wonderful person with amazing communication. Even though we were on different time periods, she found a way to communicate with us and update us on her work. Melissa did SEO for our Etsy store and even gave us tips on how to increase more sales. Definitely recommend her for any job and would hire her again for any future SEO jobs.

Melissa was great to work with, not only responsive but complete the job quickly and provided guidelines so I can continue down the line. Will definitely work with her again!

Melissa is super talented. She takes the time to explain everything and communicates very well. I felt very comfortable working with her and I am looking forward to working with her again. Thanks!

Melissa was great to work with! She helped me improve the visibility of my Etsy shop and I am looking forward to a great ROI on this investment. She also gave a freeby which was so awesome, and was always available to answer to my questions!

Great work with Melissa ! Very communicative, efficient and well within the time scale. She gave me useful tips to improve my sales. She is also available when you have any question and I appreciate that. Thank you.

I found Melissa very communicative and easy to get hold of. Very efficient and well within the time scale. I feel I have given my Etsy shop a good foundation with the SEO provided by Mellisa and appreciate that she gave me further tips to improve my Etsy shop. Thanks very much.

Wow! Melissa provided me with a fantastic value-packed blueprint for increasing my sales on etsy. I can't wait to implement the step-by-step guide she created. It's filled with her obvious knowledge related to SEO, tags, and listings, and in addition to that she included other creative ideas that I hadn't thought of to increase sales. I'm so happy I hired her and will definitely be working with her again.

Melissa is a skilled professional, who truly understands the ins and outs of SEO and Etsy shop management. She knew right away what needed to be done with my shop in order to make it work better and generate more traffic, made some suggestions and took over building it from the ground up. Melissa is also a great communicator, very efficient, a wonderful writer (which was great for rewriting my Etsy shop titles and descriptions!). She is interested and passionate about what she does, as well as takes the time to explain things, answer any questions.. I have seen immdiate increased traffic and sales on my Etsy shop after job was completed. This is the second time I have hired her and I will not hesitate to hire her again for future work!

Melissa continues to impress with high-quality work and an innate sense of what her clients are really asking for. She communicates clearly and quickly, and always gives us exactly what we asked for. I cannot recommend Melissa more highly. She is a vital resource to any small business owner who is taking their brand to the internet. You will not be disappointed.

An expert in her field. I look forward to working with Melissa again very soon.

Melissa knows her stuff when it comes to Etsy SEO and I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with the platform and gaining sales. Excellent communication and ability to meet deadlines!

Melissa did a great job working on my Shopify product listing SEO - title, description and key words - communicating clearly and promptly throughout and was also very helpful explaining to give me an understanding of how to best use the work she has provided. Very happy with the results, would recommend her services! Thanks again Melissa.

Absolutely Amazing!!! :) Melissa did an amazing job creating product descriptions for our local clothing brand!

Melissa was a fantastic communicator, organized, and efficient. She far surpassed our expectations and became a vital part of our shop development. Sales increased 2,918% after a year of working with Melissa, and we would never consider hiring someone else for the next round of work.

Melissa has updated our Etsy page with excellent SEO work that is bringing us many results.