Work With Me

With over 10 years of experience in the Etsy online marketplace,  I've figured out the strategies that truly work for attracting Etsy shoppers and driving sales to your shop.

I know the SEO driving factors involved to get your items seen in the ever-evolving landscape of Etsy.

Interested? Here are a few ways I can help >>

Let's map out an Etsy shop plan that allows you to truly scale your Etsy shop +  multiply your profits over the next year.


An in-depth consulting plan to help you reach your Etsy shop goals.  I devise a plan with actionable goals so you know exactly how to get there.


We follow up each week, and I provide support and accountability to help you carry out your plan and reach your biggest Etsy shop goals.

Packages start at $195 USD

Overwhelmed with how to properly optimize your listings?  

My full Etsy Shop SEO service has me properly optimizing your Etsy shop listings to get sales. 

Packages start at $315 USD

I would love to train you in Etsy specific SEO, and teach you all the SEO strategies for your to implement in your own Etsy shop.  This is a cost efficient way to optimize your listings yourself + is the best choice for the shop owner who wants to DIY your SEO, properly and effectively. 

Live SEO training starts at

$195 USD